Nulegacy Gold Corporation Nevada
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May 19, 2016Nulegacy Drilling Iceberg Gold Deposit
April 26, 2016Major Gold Fund Acquires Equity Position
April 19, 2016NuLegacy Awards Drilling Contract
April 13, 2016NuLegacy Gold Closes $6.67 Million Strategic Investment by OceanaGold Corporation
April 07, 2016NuLegacy Gold Announces $6.67 Million Strategic Investment by OceanaGold Corporation
March 22, 2016Barrick Gold Nominates Mr. Rob Krcmarov to NuLegacy's Board
March 15, 2016NuLegacy Provides Guidance on 2016 Exploration & Corporate Plans
March 14, 2016NuLegacy Engages Corporate Communications Consultant
March 03, 2016NuLegacy Completes Acquisition of Barrick Gold's Interest in the Iceberg Deposit
February 23, 2016NuLegacy Consolidates its Interest in the Iceberg Gold Deposit from Barrick Gold Corporation
December 23, 2015NuLegacy Completes Earn-in to 70% of Iceberg Deposit
November 16, 2015Nulegacy Gold Reports On Annual General Meeting
October 13, 2015NuLegacy Provides Notice to Barrick Gold
September 30, 2015NuLegacy Reports 5th Set of 2015 Iceberg Drilling Results
August 26, 2015NuLegacy Reports 4th. Set of 2015 Iceberg Drilling Results
August 20, 2015NuLegacy Initiates Exploration on its IRC Claims
July 23, 2015NuLegacy Reports 3rd Set of 2015 Iceberg Drilling Results
June 11, 2015Nulegacy Reports 2nd Set of 2015 Iceberg Drilling Results
June 03, 2015NuLegacy Closes Private Placement Financing
May 29, 2015NuLegacy Increases Private Placement to 17.5 million Units
May 26, 2015NuLegacy Gold Arranges $1.8 Million Financing
May 07, 2015Nulegacy Reports High Grade Iceberg Drilling Results
April 02, 2015NuLegacy Grants Stock Options
March 31, 2015Nulegacy Commences Drilling the Iceberg Gold Deposit
March 31, 2015NuLegacy Provides 2014 Corporate & Exploration Progress Review
February 18, 2015NuLegacy Gold Granted Permit for the Iceberg Deposit
February 03, 2015NuLegacy Gold Reports on Annual General Meeting
January 27, 2015NuLegacy Reports Gold Assays
January 20, 2015NuLegacy Reports Favorable Metallurgical Test Results
January 08, 2015NuLegacy Reports Remaining Core Hole Assays
November 25, 2014NuLegacy Reports Gold Assays from Iceberg
November 19, 2014NuLegacy Gold to trade on the OTCQX marketplace
October 28, 2014Avocado Assays Confirm Second Gold-Bearing Carlin-system
October 16, 2014NuLegacy Engages David W. Mallo BSc, as Exploration Manager
September 16, 2014NuLegacy Gold Adds Directors
September 11, 2014NuLegacy Gold Updates Iceberg Exploration Progress
August 20, 2014NuLegacy Gold Closes $3.5 Million Financing
August 18, 2014NuLegacy Gold Arranges $3.5 Million Financing
July 22, 2014NuLegacy Discovers New South zone Near Iceberg Gold Deposit
July 08, 2014NuLegacy Expands North Iceberg Zone
June 23, 2014NuLegacy to Drill the Avocado IP Geophysical Anomaly
May 08, 2014NuLegacy Commences 2014 Exploration Drilling Program
April 08, 2014NuLegacy Announces Fully-Funded 2014-15 Exploration Program
March 07, 2014NuLegacy Closes $3.2 Million Share Exchange Financing
February 26, 2014NuLegacy Increases Share Exchange Pricing
February 04, 2014NuLegacy Gold Reports On Annual General Meeting
January 21, 2014NuLegacy Refreshes Share Exchange Financing News
December 13, 2013NuLegacy Completes 13.3 million Unit Private Placement
December 10, 2013NuLegacy Closes Final Tranche of 12.5 million Unit Private Placement
November 25, 2013NuLegacy Closes Second Tranche of 12.5 million Unit Private Placement

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